Decorative Door Option.

You may want to "dress up" your mini storage barn to your fancy. You can add some standard decorations we offer for both the door and for a side of your storage if you like, or you can customize. Here are some options:

The Standard door option is still the most popular way to go:


One decorative option we have developed is to carve a crescent moon on the door like this:


You can also add a 5 pointed star on one of the sides as a standard decorative option:


You can include both the door and side decorations we offer standard like this:


Or, if you have something else in mind for decorative carving, let us know in the Comments and Special Requests box and we will work with you to include it in your design. Keep in mind that all Storage MIni Barn orders will go through our design process. You will receive detailed drawings via email within 3 business days so you can fine tune all details. Thank you.