/media//sliding_2.jpg All sliding windows with screens

Your Gazebo can have either fixed windows or sliding windows in any configuration you'd like. You can have all fixed or all sliding windows with screens (same cost). Or, you can have a mix of fixed and sliding windows.

If you choose a mix of sliding and fixed windows, we will contact you to see what your layout preference is. Or, if you know, just make a note in the comment box at checkout. Prior to building any gazebo, we prepare a drawing showing how the windows and doors are laid out to give you an opportunity to make any last minute changes before construction.

NOTE: Window height is determined by wall height and the height of the siding below the windows. You can choose the siding below the windows to be 24, 30 or 36" in height. Gazebo walls are 7' tall in most cases. So, the taller the siding, the shorter the windows. More siding gives more privacy but less visibility. This is the tradeoff. Cost is the same regardless of the siding height you choose.

Sometimes, the solution is to have the walls made taller by 6 or 12 inches. If you'd like to make the walls taller, let us know. There is an added cost for the taller walls, that varies depending on how tall and how large your Gazebo is.