Our Chain Hanging hardware is similar to the Swing hanging hardware at Playgrounds. The pivoting steel moves with the swinging motion. We use 1/4 inch thick steel plate construction.

We ship springs with each swing set. The springs allow the seat to give just a bit and is a favorite of many customers. The springs are easily added and removed depending on whether you like the softness it adds to the ride.

All Stainless Steel Hanging Hardware to attach to beam
(pivoting steel hangars, chain, seat eyebolts, springs & ulinks). When you make a order please write in height and diagonal width of your beam in comment section
All Stainless Steel Hanging Hardware to attach to tree
(Branch chain loop, chain, seat eyebolts,  springs & ulinks) plus chain loop with protective plastic hosing for tree branch installation. When you make a order please write in height and diameter of tree branch in comment section

We ship 1/4" thick stainless steel chain assuming your beam or tree branch is 10 ft off the ground. If you need more chain because your beam or branch is more than 10 ft off the ground, please make a note in the comment section at checkout. There is an additional charge for extra chain. If your beam or branch is less than 10 ft off the ground, please let us know the distance so we do not send extra chain unnecessarily. Thank you.


If you have a big, beautiful tree from which you'd like to hang a swing, check out our Rory's Tree Swing option. This comes with all necessary hardware to attach a swing to your tree, including the seat, eyebolts, chain, and chain loops to go around the tree limb. We recommend you use an old garden hose to wrap around the tree limb. Slice it open lengthwise and place the chain in it. Don't wrap the chain tightly around the tree limb. Give the limb some growing room. Our standard length of chain is 10 ft, plus 3 ft for the loops. But let us know at checkout if you need more or less, and we'll be glad to send you exactly the length you need.