You can purchase super-strong casters to add mobility to your box. Casters are rated to handle 350 pounds each and they lock in place. An installed set of 4 Casters is $79. They are available under the See More Options button for all planter boxes at least 24” wide. Planters 96" and longer require a set of 6 casters to accommodate the extra weight. If you order your planter with casters, they will come attached to the planter.

Casters are 4 3/4" tall. But, we also add a 1 1/4" thick extra support base for them. So, the total height of the planter is increased by 6". When ordering casters, your box will be built with the "no stands or feet" option like in the photo above left. The casters are installed near the 4 corners.

Trim Option to Hide the Casters

We are often asked if we can partially hide the casters. We can add a 2 1/2" tall trim to cover approximately half the caster height. (Any more than that makes it difficult to lock and unlock the casters). If you choose to add casters to your planter, you can also choose to add this trim for a small extra charge at checkout.


If you’d like to elevate your planter off the ground, you have many choices available. A popular option that is offered at no additional cost is to add a 1” H foot to the 4 corners of the box. This allows you to hose under the box and keep the area clean. If you order a box that is over 24” L, we always add hidden supports under the box to make sure your box never sags (see photo below):

If you’d like to elevate your box more than 1”, we can add a stand for you for a small additional charge. Stands are available in 6” increments to any size you need.

NOTE: To maintain stability for a free standing box, it is best to keep your total box and stand height at or below double the box width. You can exceed double the width stably if you can support and attach the box and stand to a wall or other structure.

Below is a typical stable set up that is not attached to a wall (Box & Stand are 30” H combined and box is 18” W):

Napa Planter in Redwood 48” L x 18” W x 18” H with 12” H stand and 36” H trellis.