Seamless Tabletop (Most Popular Indoors)

Ideal for use in a covered patio or indoors. It can be taken outdoors for a meal or party but isn't designed for outdoor living. The seamless construction creates a beautiful unbroken tabletop surface that is just as strong as our standard tabletop.

Standard Tabletop (Recommended & Most Popular Outdoors)

Recommended for tables to be left out in the weather. Outdoor tabletop boards need "breathing" room to expand and contract to the constant changes in moisture and temperature. The standard tabletop boards are separated by 1/16-inch to allow for this movement.


Parquet Tabletop Style 

A seamless design made with contrasting blocks of varying wood grades to create a beautiful tapestry of color and wood grains. Designed primarily for indoor use, the Parquet table can be taken out for short stints outdoors. Its seamless design makes it ideal for a covered patio or indoor use year round. Any benches for a table set will be in matching parquet bench tops by default. If you prefer benches in a different design, just let us know. The parquet pieces will be naturally varied in color as shown.

Old Country Tabletop Style

An old European design that can be used either outdoors or indoors. It has a perimeter frame with a dividing board across the center of the top widthwise. For indoors, we recommend the Old Country Seamless tabletop option. For year round outdoor applications, please choose the Old Country Standard tabletop design.