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Swings & Playground Equip.

Redwood Swings & Playground Equip.

Bring natural beauty to your children's play

Be a star for your children by giving them the fun, versatile, unique gift of one of our Redwood Swings for Kids! They are so much fun, you’re going to want one for yourself.

These swings will be an integral part of your kids’ leisure time growing up, and something they’ll remember long after they grow out of them.

The best part is, these swings are so tough, and so durable, and they’ll be around long after your kids have grown up. See for yourself by clicking any of the links below.

Explore Our Selection of Bedroom Furniture Styles, Sizes, and Options

Nothing beats our Disk Swing Seats, Sandboxes, Big Playground Swing Sets, Swing Seats, Toddler Swing Seats, or Monkey Bars. Every one of them is built to order, and carefully crafted by hand, by our expert woodworkers here in our Northern California studios. Rain or shine, summer or winter, our Redwood Swings will stand the test of time, and elements. You can customize your swings for size, color/finish, and style as well.

La Playa Sandboxes

Bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood to your yard with these strong finely finished sandboxes!

Sheldon's Monkey Bars

Let your little monkeys go bananas on our Monkey bars set. Expert construction with an emphasis on safety and easy assembly means they will be swinging in no time!

Toddler Swing Seats

The Toddler Swing Seat is a beautiful traditional all wooden swing seat built with a fixed safety bar and belt to keep the kids swinging and you worry free.

Kid's Backyard Cabin

The first Backyard Cabin was designed for an 8 year young lady that needed a place to get away.

Rory's Giant Playground Swing Sets

Our Rory's Giant Swing Set is our largest Swing Set option with the perfect combination of strength, durability, and beauty that will last from one generation to the next.

The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin

The first The Palo Alto Backyard Cabin was designed for an 8 year young lady that needed a place to get away.

Rory's Big Playground Swing Sets

Kid tested and approved, our Rory`s Swing sets are for kids of all ages.

Rory's Armchair Swing Sets

Our Rory's Armchair Swing set is a full armchair or bench swing. It was designed with a very sturdy and tall frame to allow you to really get into the swing of things.

Disk Swing Seats

Simple Classic Swinging Fun! Our Disk Swing Seat allows you to place a swing almost anywhere. Just add a rope and get swinging!

Rory's Swing Seats

If you just need a seat to make your own wooden swing seat, the Rory's Swing seat works great with rope from your local hardware store...

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