There are at least two ways you can save on our beautiful garden swing sets:

  1. You can buy our sets without the expensive stainless steel chain. All our Swing Seat chains are made of 100% stainless steel to avoid rust or stain issues. But, as a money saving option, you can buy the same size standard steel chain (1/4") at your local hardware store for a fraction of the cost of the stainless steel chain. Just order the seat alone ("seat & eye bolts only - no chain"), and your local hardware store can provide the chain and fasteners (clasps). When you wrap the chain around the limb of the tree or another existing structure, such as a porch swing frame or an arbor, use a piece of old garden hose sliced open to protect the tree (or beam) from the chain and the weight of the swinger. If you measure both the circumference of the limb and the length from the bottom of the limb to about 15" above the ground ahead of time, your friendly hardware man can cut all 4 sections of chain the exact length for you. If you choose to go with standard steel chain and fasteners, make sure to inspect them every few years for weather-related wear.
  2. You can buy our sets without the stainless steel eyebolts. First, order the seat alone without eye bolts ("Seat Only - no eye bolts"). Then just go to your local hardware store and order a set of four 3/8" X 6" long standard steel eyebolts with washers and nuts for less than $10. The stainless ones will last longer, but they also are $45 now for a set of 4!