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In the spring of 2016, our CEO and Founder Raul D. Hernandez made his debut as a guest blogger on Mother Earth News with an in-depth look a critical piece being missed in debates over how to solve global warming. In the summer of 2016, he followed it up with a second article addressing points raised by others to the first piece.

Drawing on over two decades of experience as a conservationist and hands-on restoration forestry, Raul sheds light on the role of Old-growth forests in global cooling, and how the emerging carbon credit market could be used to protect working forests worldwide while keeping billions of tons of CO2 out of the air.

Read the full articles at MotherEarthNews.com

PS. Read the letter we send to our contacts


  1. Forestry, Global Warming, and the Multi-billion-Dollar Carbon-Credit Grab
  2. Nevermind the Politics, Forests Can Help Cool the Planet

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