The 4 ft Round Picnic Table with benches is designed for eight adults of average size to sit at snugly. It is a tight fit to dine eight, but for drinking or appetizers it works well for up to eight adults. For dining, the 4.5 ft Round Picnic Table sits eight comfortably. The 5 ft Round Picnic Table sits eight large men comfortably for dining and up to 10 adults of average size. It can sit up to twelve snugly. The 5.5-Foot Round Picnic Table is ideal for dining for twelve adults comfortably.

Number of Adults Who Can Dine Comfortably
Table DiameterAdults
3.5 ft4-5
4 ft5-6
4.5 ft6-7
5 ft8
5.5 ft8-9
6 ft9-10