Outdoor Furniture

Super Strong Casters

You can purchase super-strong casters to add mobility to your box. Casters are rated to handle 320 pounds each and they lock in place! They are available in Advanced Options. The casters are 4 1/4" tall. But, we also add a 1 3/4" thick extra support base for them. So, the total height of the box is increased by 6". When ordering casters, your box will be built with the "no stands or feet" option like in the photos above. The casters are installed near the 4 corners.


We are often asked if we can partially hide the casters. We can add a 2 1/2" tall trim to cover approximately half the caster height. (Any more than that makes it difficult to lock and unlock the casters). If you choose to add casters, you can also choose to add this trim for a small extra charge


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