All of our swings can be built with co-polymer swing seats, a semi soft plastic material who offers better fanding resistance and is an excellent choice for Schools, Parks and Daycares. You can choose between this material and the standard wooden seats.


poly-toddler-swing-seats-01.jpg Full Bucket Swing Seat: Aprox Measures = 12" Front to Back, 10" Side to Side and 12" Deep.
poly-toddler-swing-seats-02.jpg Standard Swing Seat: Aprox Measures = 6" x  24"


wood-toddler-swing-seats-01.jpg Full Bucket Swing Seat: Aprox Measures = 11" Front to Back, 11" Side to Side and 9-3/4" Deep.
wood-toddler-swing-seats-02.jpg Standard Swing Seat: Aprox Measures = 5-3/4" x 26"