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Forever Redwood offers a White Glove Complete Assembly Service where our own trained crews that can assemble your order of any size anywhere in the Continental U.S.

If your order is a shade structure project (Pergola, Pavilion, Gazebo or Arbor) we will anchor your structure to the ground and, if necessary, dig footings and pour the concrete as part of your White Glove service. During the design process, we will review your anchoring needs and make the appropriate recommendations for the best hardware to include.

Our install team coordinator will set an appointment with you once your job is ready to ship. On site work can vary from hours to a week or more depending on the order size. We can give you a good time estimate for installation when you place your order. Most orders ship by LTL carrier in crates or UPS ground if relatively small.

Some time of year restrictions apply for White Glove Complete Assembly Service. During poor winter weather, we may need to schedule around acceptable working conditions or postpone installation until early spring. Let us know what you require and we will confirm if it can be done during your timeline needs.

You can finish your pavilion with any roofing you like. We offer this so you can “dress up” your pavilion in any color and material to best match what you may already have nearby. Most orders are finished with shingles or metal roofing that are relatively light weight. All roofing materials cost of up to $2 per square ft are included in your White Glove Complete Assembly Service. If you prefer a premium shingle or metal roof, just let your designer know and any costs above the $2/ft threshold will be added to your order cost.

You can choose a heavy clay or cement tile, but this will require reinforcement of your structure and additional expense for most designs. During design, you will be asked to let us know the final roofing. We will order and ship the roofing to your home separately from your order to avoid last minute inventory issues with a local supplier that can delay your installation.

White Glove Complete Assembly Service is best ordered at the time your order is placed. We cannot add White Glove Complete Assembly service to an order that has already shipped without at least 60 days notice.

Shipping timelines shown at checkout are for production times. Orders ship from San Diego, CA. Please add 5 to 8 business days for transit time. In most cases, orders are delivered separately from the arrival of the install team. We coordinate to keep wait times between the arrival of your order and the installation to a few days, but in some cases, your order may not be assembled for up to 10 days. Your order is packaged in weatherproof double cardboard boxes each with its own plastic wrapping so they can sit out in the weather if necessary.

If you have an extreme rush order need, please email us at [email protected] or call to confirm we can meet your timelines.

White Glove Complete Assembly Service is performed by own experienced "road warrior" crews that come from California and do round robin trips nationwide.

Most shade structure orders require a permit. We can support you with the permitting process with all the documentation you will need, but you will have to walk the permit through locally.

We will prepare detailed drawings of your order initially to go back and forth with you to make sure every detail is the way you want it before building. Once you sign off on the drawings, if you decide to pull permits, we will send the drawings to a Certified Structural Engineer in your state to review, make any minor changes needed to meet your local code and prepare and mail 3 copies of your Structural Calculations package and stamped drawings so you can pull the permit.

The design process takes 2 to 3 weeks normally to go back and forth with you on a few versions until you have it all just right. Add another 2 to 3 weeks for the structural calculations. Once you let us know you have the permit in hand, we will build and ship within 30 days. The cost for the Structural Calculations package for most orders up to 500 square feet is $1,500. The most popular shipping option is the Discounted Shipping with an 8 to 10 week timeline to accommodate the above steps.

The most popular way to order is with the 1/3rd deposit option. We have a 99% track record of success getting shade structure projects through permitting with our Engineering support. Permitting does add a bit of legwork and you must pay what is normally nominal permit fees, but the upside is your investment in the structure will significantly increase your property value if done with a permit.

If you do not succeed in pulling your permit, or you decide to not proceed with your order for any reason, Forever Redwood will refund ½ of your initial 1/3rd deposit after completion of design and/or structural review.

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