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Outdoor Wooden Benches

Handcrafted Beauties to grace your yard

Forever Redwood has a large collection of beautiful benches built with 100% California Redwood.

If you've been looking for lovely wood garden furniture built to really last, you have finally found it! Please take a look at the dozens of thick-timber designs below. If you do not find what you need, let us know and we will make it for you.

Call 866 332 2403. Let us show you how easy it is to build your bench just the way you want!

Explore Our Best Selling Selection of Benches Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options:

Luna Wood Rocking Bench

The Luna Rocking Bench is the perfect place to glide the afternoon away with a friend...  

Maria's Tree Benches

For something new we designed a versatile square bench that easily surrounds a tree outside or a column in a lobby or seating area. Beautiful angles, crafted for years of enjoment in long lasting Redwood.

Massive Wooden Rocking Bench

A customer thought it was a good idea to widen the popular Massive rocking bench so a friend or two could enjoy it with her... Great idea! 

Parquet Wooden Shower Bench

Choose one of our all wood shower benches for your sauna, shower, or anywhere! Unlike plastic, our beautiful woods are renewable, long lasting and completely environmentally friendly.

Pete's Bench

Pete had a loving, detail oriented wife. She wanted a special bench to celebrate his whimsical fun loving ways. She designed every detail.  It is beautiful, but built from thick steel and massive timbers to last many decades.

The Sanctuary Wood Patio Bench

How about a lovely receptive curvaceous friend for the patio? The Sanctuary bench doubles as a comfortable place to sit too!

The Sanctuary Wood Shower Bench

The receptive Sanctuary Bench is a lovely shower companion.

The V-Wing Benches

The V-Wing Bench. The name says it all. Its a bench that wants to be a fighter starship. Not for the faint of heart!

Wood Patio Bench

These elegant durable benches are a beautiful addition to your balcony, deck or garden. 

Wooden Corner Shower Bench

How about a small attractive bench for that corner? Nothing compares to a wooden bench for your sauna, shower, or changing area. Unlike plastic, wood is warm, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

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