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From big to small, contoured, straight, or portable, this wide selection of handmade Redwood Chairs is sure to meet exactly what you need. Forever Redwood’s line of 100% restoration forestry Redwood Chairs are built for many uses, in practically any climate, and made to last for years and years to come.

We have a great selection, and huge variety of customized options and prices for you to choose from. Check them out, and click on each category to see more available choices.

Explore Our Best Selling Selection of Chairs Styles, Sizes, and Custom Options:


We’ve got so much to choose from when it comes to picking the right chair for you. There’s the Ensenada Easychairs, the Portable Redwood Beach Chair, the Rio Hammock Wooden Chair, Kid’s Wooden Rocking Chair, and plenty more. Our master craftsmen here make all of our Redwood Chairs individually, here in California, and overbuild them for added stability and toughness over time. These chairs are naturally decay resistant, and weather resistant, so you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements.

Ensenada Easychairs
The perfect combination of elegant design with pure functionality. Not only does it look great, it’s so comfortable you won’t want to get up!
Ruth Redwood Dining Chair
The playful comfortable lines of our Ruth Redwood Dining Chair originated from a client’s custom bench design, and we soon realized how beautifully it adapted to the dining setting.
Redwood Adirondack Chair
In style, craftsmanship, beauty and comfort, our Adirondack Chairs lead the market. They are proof that you can have beauty and durability!
Rio Hammock Wooden Chair
Introducing our brand new Rio Hammock Chair - part portable chair, part swinging hammock and part blissful lounger. Now yours to enjoy.
Portable Redwood Beach Chair
Our Beach Chairs are cleverly designed in two parts that just slide together. Easy to store, comfortable and built for lasting durability!
Kid's Wooden Rocking Chair
This sturdy rocking chair is solid enough for generations of kids and beautiful enough to be placed anywhere in your home.
Marazul Wooden Beach Chair
Our Marazul Chair was initially designed for ocean front living, but it likes pool areas and back yards too.
Adirondack Flat Wooden Ottoman
The perfect companion to our Adirondack Chair, our Adirondack Flat Ottoman is beautifully designed to complete the set in both style and comfort!

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