From the Forest, For the Forest since 1995

About Us

We are committed to growing and protecting Redwood Forests. We utilize Forever Redwood's proceeds to fund our on-going forest restoration work.

We created Forever Redwood as a way to continuously grow and protect Redwood Forests.   Since 1995, we have self-developed a model for forest restoration that is based on a symbiotic relationship between ecology and economy.  Our forest restoration model manages the forest in a way that allows the trees to grow into massive old-growth trees while simultaneously providing the wood we need for Forever Redwood products.  Carefully working with the forest allows it to economically contribute to human society and lessens the on-going pressure to replace native forests with farms, encroaching suburbs, and ranches.  With our model, we have seen forests truly begin to thrive after decades of over-logging and neglect, and we have established a healthy community with many happy customers.

The ongoing disappearance of Old-Growth forests is not only a major contributor to the global decline in biological diversity, but is a significant factor in climate change.  Restoration forestry reverses the negative effects of climate change by recreating Old-Growth habitats.  Old-Growth forests retain enormous amounts of carbon, and have an incredible impact on keeping the Earth cool.  Forests can be restored back to Old Growth Again, and we are doing it.

Beyond Sustainable:  By significantly limiting the amount of wood harvested in all time periods into the future and adhering to many other restoration standards, any previously logged forest can yield wood for human use while adding volume decade by decade as it recreates mature and old-growth trees again.  Forever Redwood practices exceed FSC certification guidelines and we hope that our innovative practices will elevate the industry‚Äôs standards for forestry management in the future.

Socially Responsible:  Forever Redwood is a socially responsible business founded by individuals committed to respectful relations with customers, employees and business partners. Maintaining these standards is critical to attracting and retaining the necessary human and financial resources to maintain our growing contribution to the reversal of global forest degradation and fragmentation.  Click here to learn more about Forever Redwood forestry work .