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Other Accessories

Other Accessories

Bird Feeders, Floor Mats, Touch up Kits, Wood Samples and more

We make lovely products that do not have a home elsewhere on our menu. From our popular Aviary Oasis Bird Feeder to a touch up kit to remove a scratch from your furniture, we hid these items here for lack of a better place to include them.

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Aviary Oasis Bird Feeders
Invite your feathered friends to a luxurious and comfy feast.
Forever Redwood Catalog

Forever Redwood Catalog

Umbrella Hole Plugs

These plugs fit the umbrella holes in our outdoor dining and picnic tables —we offer this item as a replacement convenience for those who've misplaced theirs.

Furniture Touch Up Kit

Even the best furniture needs a bit of touch up once in a while... if your furniture has a scratch or a mark you want to dispose of, use the touch up kit to take care of it in 5 minutes.

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