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5th Annual

Photo Contest

11th Annual Photo Contest


Winner: $4,000
Photo 23:
Sun Gazebo
By Doug, Carrie & Zoe J.
Winner: $2,500
Photo 16:
Adirondack Vignette Settees
By Magnus R.
Winner: $1,500
Photo 5:
Bench Swing Sets
By Cynthia & Gregg P.


Winner: $1,000
Photo 9:
Arched Pergola with 2 Bench Swing Seats and a Ruth Bench
By Thom M.
Winner: $1,000
Photo 17:
Ruth Bench
By Jeanni F.

2015 Top 25 Finalists (from over 150 entries)

Photo 1: San Francisco Patio Table
By Robin J.
Photo 3: Arched Pergola covering a 12ft San Francisco Patio Table with Ruth Chairs.
By Mario T.
Photo 4: Rory's Armchair Swing Sets
Mark R.
Photo 5: Bench Swing Sets
By Cynthia & Gregg P.
Photo 6: Arched Pergola
By Glen V.
Photo 7: Custom Pole Pergola
By John F.
Photo 8: Arched Pergola with a Bench Swing Seats
By Doug K.
Photo 11: Arched Pergola
By Kay T.
Photo 13: Dream Gazebos
By Yvonne B.
Photo 14: Round Picnic Table (Unattached Benches)
By Dorothy & Sam C.
Photo 15:Sheldon's Monkey Bar
By Monica B.
Photo 18: Baja Tables
By Alisa B.
Photo 21: San Francisco Patio Table
By Steffanie and Bruce L.
Photo 24: 2 Arched Pergolas
By Amanda O.
Photo 25: Sonoma Planter with a Ti Amo Bench (kid not included)
By Becky N.