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Our Guarantee to You

Forever Redwood Warranty

Every item on our website comes with a guarantee against decay. The length of the warranty depends on the wood grade you select: Douglas-Fir 10-years, Douglas-fir Mosaic 10-years, Redwood Mosaic 12-years, Mature Redwood 20-years and Old-Growth Redwood 30-years. No other outdoor wood product manufacturer has warranties up to 30 years! We can do this because of the quality and quantity of wood used in our "Forever" products. Each piece is over sized, hand selected, completely seasoned, free of heart center, finely sanded and sealed with 2 coats of the best sealant on the market (our recommended Transparent Premium Sealant based on the Sikkens Proluxe brand). Click here to learn more about our Wood Grade options.

Our warranties come with no strings attached and do not require you to do any maintenance. However, some maintenance is required if you want to keep your furniture looking its best and easily exceed the warranty period. Visit our Care & Finish page to learn everything you need to know about the resealing process. If no maintenance is practiced, you may notice some parts show decay or softness in the later years of your warranty period. If this happens, Contact Us and send a couple of photos for review.

Forever Redwood will stand behind your purchase both during and after the warranty period. You never have to throw out a piece of Forever Furniture because we stand behind our work with replacement parts. If a part is damaged for any reason, (for example your puppy chews the leg of your furniture), send photos so we can ID the part(s) and we'll email a reasonable quote to replace them. If any part fails due to wood decay during the warranty period, we will replace the part at no cost to you. If the entire piece is compromised due to wood decay during the warranty period, we will replace it at no cost to you. If your order is already beyond the warranty period and a part has finally given out, do not throw it out. Take and email photos to us so we can see what is going on. We will offer the best alternatives we can to keep it in service. If your painted or primer finished order shows signs of failure prior to the end of its warranty period, we will replace your product with an identical item (or better wood grade if you prefer) at a 50% discount off current prices.

If you receive an item you are unhappy with Contact Us.
While we cannot take back the original item, we will work with you to make a new item or parts at no cost or at a significantly reduced cost depending on the issue. Depending on the issue, we will work with you to either make a new item or parts at no cost or at a significantly reduced rate. We will take any reasonable steps necessary to ensure your purchase meets your expectations.

Shipping or Fulfillment Errors are quickly corrected. If your order shipped incorrectly or was partially lost or damaged in transit, please do not reject any packages being delivered. This will delay the process to identify which items need to be replaced. For fastest service, please accept the shipment as is and take a couple of photographs and when you sign for the shipment just add a note that damage was visible and photos were taken. Often, because of the way we pad our boxes, any external damage doesn’t reach the wood or it does so minimally. Because this is almost always the case, we recommend you go ahead and assemble the item and then email photos to [email protected] so that we can identify any issue and quickly ship replacement parts, or a touch up kit if there is a minor scratch, or conversely, a complete new item if necessary at no cost to you.

Small checks/cracks and finish issues are not covered by the warranty.
Outside wood moves due to the constant changes in temperature and moisture. Developing some small cracks happens occasionally and is a natural development of being outside. Although not recommend, if you ever want to replace a lightly checked or cracked piece, contact us and we'll ship out a new part at a reasonable cost. Finish issues are not part of the warranty. The highest quality wood will see its finish fade in year round weather. In time, the surface will begin to dry out as well. For more information on the simplest way to keep your furniture looking great and lasting for decades, please visit our Care and Finish page.

Cancellation and Return Policies:
Cancellation requests are accepted via email or phone prior to your order going into production. Most orders go into production within 5 days of being received. Due to the nature of our product line, we cannot process refunds once an order has gone into production because even our standard production items are hand-made with custom details (wood grade, finish, size variations and other options). All of these specifications make a product difficult to resell. We are always available to re-design, re-size or change your order while it is still in the shop. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and will do all we can to exceed your quality expectations if for any reason you are unhappy with your order.

Pergolas, Pavilions, Gazebos and other Custom Orders:
Custom wood working is labor intensive and detail oriented. If your order is a special design, size or is not a standard production piece, we will email detailed shop drawings prior to building to make sure we get your feedback and have all your ideas the way you want them. If you place an order that requires drawings, we will email you within 2 business days to let you know who will be assigned to your project from our Design Engineering staff and you can expect your first drawings via email within 5 business days. We will not begin to build your order until you approve your drawings.

We understand custom orders are a substantial investment and the drawing process is an excellent way to make certain all details are worked out completely prior to building. All orders over $10,000 are normally placed with a 1/3rd initial deposit. Orders over $100,000 are placed with a 20% initial deposit. The design process is labor intensive. Smaller projects normally take 2 to 3 weeks and larger projects can take a month or two to finalize. Once we have prepared shop drawings for a Pergola order, we cannot process a cancellation with a full refund because we have incurred substantial design time and/or engineering costs. If a custom order is cancelled after design work has been started, 50% of the initial deposit is normally retained to cover work completed.

We have always been willing to custom build or custom size our customer requests. Over the years, many of these custom orders have generated some of our most cherished standard production items on our site. One of the strengths of working with Forever Redwood is our commitment to a robust Design & Engineering in-house staff. Oftentimes during the design process, it is not unusual to see initial ideas transform into different products and projects. We like to say it is best to consider your initial order as a starting point. Feel free to take the revisions in whatever direction you feel is right. Although customers generally will change the dimensions slightly and add a detail or two it is reassuring to know that when working with us, you have the flexibility to pivot as much as you want to.

Your purchase funds our "hands-on" forest restoration work in the Redwoods of Northern California (Annapolis, CA). Learn more about our decades of pioneering the field of Restorative Forestry here.