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Tiny Wood Foot Stool

This Tiny Wood Foot Stool packs quite a punch, despite its diminutive size. Made for enhanced posture, ergonomic support for your feet, or even a cute stand to keep plants or pottery, we’ve packed tons of potential uses in this tiny package. Whether you keep it inside or outside, the traditional hardwood thick build will ensure that you get years of use out of it, in practically any weather or temperature conditions.

Tiny Wood Foot Stool by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $210.00 to $590.00
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We build it how you want it here at Forever Redwood, and these beautiful Tiny Wood Foot Stools are no different. Pick from any of our five different wood types, each made with California’s highest quality timber, and hand built by us, piece by piece. You can add a gorgeous dark stain/finish to your stool, and even have us adjust the leg width and height. Let us know how you’d like it, and we’ll do our best to make it exactly to your standards.

  • Design: Useful and practical at home and in your work space.
  • Quality: Built with the finest woods, stainless hardware, and expert construction.
  • Sizes: Available in sizes of 3½” to 8½” in height.
  • Customize: Options for sealant colors and engraving are available under More Options.
  • Assembly: Ships fully assembled. See more wood foot stools handcrafted from Redwood.

Forever Redwood offers shipping on all of our products, throughout the Continental US. There is no assembly required with this Tiny Wood Foot Stool, and it ships in just one piece, and a small, light package. Warrantees are available on each bench, so check the dropdown menus up above to verify which warrantee your order applies to (10-30 years). Call or write us now with any questions, and to find out more.

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