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Kid's Wood Luna Bench

Give your kids a real treat with this lovely Outdoor Kids Wood Bench, only available here from Forever Redwood. This bench is kid-sized version of our traditional Wood Luna Bench, and just like its larger version, it’s built for years of comfort and use. Your kids will have the perfect place to sit and play, on a real redwood bench, made specifically for them. You can even engrave it to have their names on it!

Kid's Wood Luna Bench by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $790.00 to $2,200.00
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The Forever Redwood Outdoor Kids Wood Bench is handcrafted to be beautiful to the eye, sturdy to the touch, and resistant to all types of weather conditions and usage. Each piece is made individually, using our finest restoration forestry timber, and put together with nothing but strong, stainless steel bolts. No plastics or cheap replacement materials here. It’s also easy to store, and easy to move, and it’s the perfect size for kids of all ages.

  • Design: Who says kids' furniture has to be unsightly? These beautiful benches add grace to any room or outdoor setting, in addition to comfortably seating your younger guests.
  • Quality: Expertly constructed by hand using finely finished California Redwood and stainless steel hardware, these benches are meant to be passed down with other family treasures to your children's children.
  • Customize: Our Kid's Wood Luna Benches can be engraved or set with an inlaid plaque. As always, you choose the stain and finish to suit your home's indoor or outdoor decor. Outdoor cushions also available.
  • Assembly: Easy assembly ship in less than 10 parts. All hardware included.

Click on the wood type you’d like in our dropdown menus to get started on your order, and go straight ahead to our payment section once you’ve selected your preference. You can request delivery to anywhere in the Continental United States, and your package will arrive in just 10 (or fewer) easy to assemble parts. No need for a woodshed, just snap the pieces together with the bolts and you’re all set. Contact us now for more info!

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