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Month: July 2010

Cute Dog Photo

This photo comes to us from Penny W. in Chico, California. Penny is the creative inspiration behind our beloved “Penny’s Lounger.” She suggested the design after visiting a resort in Mexico some years ago. Starring in the photo is Penny’s dog, Camille, a 9-month old Red Standard Poodle. Reports Penny: The pad is wonderful, as Cute Dog Photo

Custom Designs

We are always willing to do a custom new design. Custom designs, custom options & details and custom sizing are the secrets to our ever-expanding product selection. We don’t run a factory. We operate an old-fashioned wood working shop. Everything is made by hand and will always be done this way. This gives us the Custom Designs

Robert Galusha Designs

Robert Galusha is a good friend of Forever Redwood and is the designer behind some of our most successful products. Based in Kingman, Arizona, he offers fine furniture made to order. From reinterpretations of classic styles to the freshest of contemporary pieces, his award-winning work has appeared in many design publications including the cover of Robert Galusha Designs

Shipping Cross-Country Made Easy

Yes, you can have large wood furniture items shipped cross-country (or across the oceans) to your door without a glitch. We do it every day. Since 1995, Forever Redwood has shipped thousands of items of all sizes all over the US, Canada, and occasionally Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our shipping partners (Fed Ex, UPS, YellowFreight Shipping Cross-Country Made Easy

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