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Cute Dog Photo

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This photo comes to us from Penny W. in Chico, California. Penny is the creative inspiration behind our beloved “Penny’s Lounger.” She suggested the design after visiting a resort in Mexico some years ago.

Starring in the photo is Penny’s dog, Camille, a 9-month old Red Standard Poodle. Reports Penny:

The pad is wonderful, as she will run around the yard — muddy feet — and jumps up on the lounger and sleeps for a couple of hours — sunbathing! Obviously, we redheads love to sunbathe! Every evening, I hose the pad off and VOILA!!! Once again it looks brand new — waiting for the next day. I haven’t even had time to spend on it.

Hmm… It sounds like we might need to rename it “Camille’s Lounger.”

Camille the Red Standard Poodle poses for the camera on a Pennys Lounger with Sunbrella Cushion

Camille the Red Standard Poodle poses for the camera on a Penny’s Lounger with Sunbrella Cushion

If you have a photo of your own adorable pet making use of your Forever Redwood furniture, please don’t hesitate to send it along!

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