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Global Warming

International Day of Forests

Sunday marked the UN-designated International Day of Forests. This year’s theme is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being.” The gifts of the Earth’s forests are unending. Standing forests are enormous reservoirs of carbon, making them the original global cooling technology. They also support our emotional and mental well-being, as described in this Time article. Forests International Day of Forests

Article about trees and global warming

Dear Friends of Forever Redwood, This article details the most recent science on cloud formation and associated global moderating influences that forest have. Much greater than previously thought. Maybe the scientists will prevail on us all to do a lot more to protect and restore the forests of the planet…

An Inconvenient Truth Ten Years Later

In 2006, Al Gore’s influential documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth, became a turning point in the climate change conversation. It’s clear, urgent message of pending severe global ecological degradation sparked a massive debate and action. It has led to substantial commitments worldwide recently that hopefully will slow and reverse the threat. Despite these recent commitments, An Inconvenient Truth Ten Years Later

To Cool the Planet, Restoration Forestry Must Be Part of the Solution

A Statement on the COP21 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris, France by Raul F. Hernandez, Founder & CEO of and Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry, Inc. As world leaders, scientists, policy makers, and environmental activists gather in Paris to craft a binding agreement to address the climate crisis on a planetary scale, it will To Cool the Planet, Restoration Forestry Must Be Part of the Solution

Forest Management and Fires

Each summer and fall the fire season explodes and the news is filled with stories of burning homes and thousands of brave men and women fighting fires and risking their lives protecting communities. It’s a giant annual event and its getting worse. In July 2008, lightning storms ignited thousands of fires in California that burned Forest Management and Fires

Global Cooling Forest Management

Everyone is green these days. Even the giant oil companies are flooding the airwaves with green marketing campaigns. It sounds promising, and many positive things seem to be taking shape in response to the climate challenge. But, if you look closely, much of it is less than it seems. For example, forestry is at the Global Cooling Forest Management

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