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Month: August 2014

Seating Capacity

What are your recommendations for a few smaller tables that seat 4 and 6….tables and chairs? Chairs always need more space than bench seating. If you want to use as little space as possible, then you want to go with benches for most arrangements. A 5 ft picnic table with attached benches easily sits 6 Seating Capacity

Mr. Larsen’s Hot Tub Pavilion

Mr. Larsen’s wrote us telling their experiences with the Hot Tub Pavilion who he bought from us. Here their words: Evenin’ Raul. Got half way there – will finish tomorrow. Was challenging for two out of shape 50-something-year old guys. Looks beautiful. Very substantial; not some cheap thing. We’re impressed. Will send more pics of Mr. Larsen’s Hot Tub Pavilion

Pictures of Sam’s redwood planters

Sonoma Planter The following is an email exchange with our client SamFrom Sam to Raul Hernandez: Hello, I know the picture contest is over, but I thought I’d send a couple of pictures of my redwood planters I purchased from you a few months ago. I used them for my vegetable garden this year. Thanks, Pictures of Sam’s redwood planters

Wonderful product and service

Letters like this are what motivate us to keep going. Hi Raul and all the helpful ladies! We finally got some nice picture of the pergola and planter boxes we purchased from Forever Redwood. We are very happy with how our yard turned out, offering both privacy and much needed shade. Thank you for your Wonderful product and service

Tree Planting

Jeanne Hughes says: I loved hearing about your experience planting the redwoods. I am so happy to support a company like yours dedicated to reforestation of redwood trees. Especially in light of the California drought, it is great hearing about your planting success in spite of this. I have a hill here in Co…just 1/4 Tree Planting

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