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7 Unique Forever Redwood Products You May Not Know About

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Forever Redwood is best known for our beautiful pergolas, pavilions, picnic tables, and patio tables, and we’re pleased by how popular they’ve become over the years. We take pride in designing and constructing them to our customers’ specifications and desires, and are equally delighted by all of the great photos our customers have sent to us of the finished product being enjoyed.

So, we know you love our larger ticket items, but we wanted to share with you some other lesser known and quirkier products from our expansive catalog. We’ve picked out a few fun and unique Forever Redwood products that show how far imagination and some talented carpenters can go.

1. The Cute Charm of our Playhouse Bed.

What boy or girl wouldn’t love going to sleep every night in a playhouse and waking up every morning to a ride on a slide? Our Playhouse Bed has space for any size mattress on the top and on the bottom a little room for hiding, playing house or just about anything the kids can dream up. Plus, we’ve constructed it from all natural materials and built it sturdily enough to withstand that most destructive force of nature, kids.

2. The magic of our Wishing Well.

Our enchanting Wishing Well can help make your yard as pretty as something out of a fairy tale. They can be used to cover up pipes or other unsightly yard features or you can fill them with flowers or other plants for a quaint touch. Kids will also love playing make believe with them. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and wood types. What more could you wish for?

3. Our Nature Friendly Bird Feeder.

This happy little Bird Feeder will make your feathered friends happy, too. Spend time watching them flock to eat seeds from the feeder, which has a small roof to keep both the seeds and birds dry in the rain. It’s not called the Aviary Oasis for nothing! The quality of the wood ensures that these bird feeders can withstand the wind, snow, and rain for many years to come. As with all our products, we offer a warranty up to thirty years.

4. The earthy style of our Wood Floor Mat.

Our beautiful Wood Floor Mat is one of our most unique products, and your guests will notice it right away. The distinct tile design is flexible, not rigid, and is also water and decay resistant. Use it as a beautiful feature for your front door or even as a mat for the shower or sink.

5. Our cozy Canine Cottage for you furry pal.

Your dog should have nothing but the best, and at Forever Redwood that’s all we make. This little abode, the Canine Cottage, is made completely from high quality wood and the floor is raised slightly to keep your pooch warm and dry. The roof is hinged so you can clean the inside easily. You may even start to wonder if your dog has a nicer house than you.

6. The rustic sophistication of our Wine Racks.

These elegant Wine Racks are fit for the best bottles of Bacchus himself. They are sure to look attractive no matter where you place them, and are great for display at dinner parties. They come in three bottle and six bottle styles and can be stacked to create a whole cellar of spirits. Salud!

7. Come in swinging with Sheldon’s Monkey Bars.

We’ve set the bar high with our fun Monkey Bars. The structure is overbuilt to ensure sturdiness and safety for children and sanded and finished to be splinter free. The bars can be adjusted by height so they grow with your child. Your kids will have fun monkeying around on it for years.

So there you have it. Add a little fun and whimsy to your home or yard with our unique Redwood creations. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Do you have anything unique and quirky you’d like to see us build for you? If you dream it, we can build it! Just contact us and let’s get started.

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