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Where did all the timber workers go?

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Throughout recorded history, forestry has usually been practiced in extremes. Rarely is it a level-headed conservative approach. Through the first 6,000 years of recorded history, humans mostly just mowed down forests around them to create living and agricultural grounds. In the past couple hundred years, some level headedness has been introduced. First in the mountains of Switzerland to avoid landslides from over cutting hillsides above towns. And in the U.S., the Forest Service was formed over 100 years ago under Gifford Pinchot as a middle of the road, “wise use” management philosophy service. Over the decades, politics has taken the U.S. Forest Service from very conservative to semi-exploitative and back again. Today, all timber companies talk green and are certified “sustainable” by various agencies, but with few exceptions, they are still over-harvesting their lands.

Below are two videos from the extremes of “hands-on” forestry. One is a commercial for a state of the art mechanical harvester, feller/buncher machine. It’s an awesome or awful machine depending on your politics…
The other is Old-Growth Again’s 2002 video introducing our Restoration Forestry practices. About 10 minutes total between the two. A world apart in terms of how to relate to forestlands. Please let us know what you think…

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