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Stay cool, kick back, and get ready for the summer with a poolside pergola kit

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One of the best things about summer is being able to hit the water for lots of fun and good times. While going to the ocean or lake provides you with one type of experience, there is also a significant amount of preparation that must be done before you can head out. Having your own backyard pool slashes that preparation factor and gives you a significant amount of control over what you can do. Adding a poolside pergola kit increases the possibilities for fun and relaxation exponentially.

A dedicated place to relax

As fun as swimming and cavorting in a pool is, at some point you are going to want to rest and relax. While stretching out on a lounge chair is the perfect way to dry off by letting the sun do what it does best, it’s probably not going to be a solution that works all the time. For one thing, you’re going to want some respite from the strong rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy the relaxing lap of the pool water and the gentle, warm breezes of summer. Pergolas provide that place for you.

Make a bold statement

A pergola provides you with a way of making a statement while still taking advantage of the warm summer breezes. For example, matching your pergola to your pool house in an architecturally pleasing way provides depth and visual impact. In order to embrace a sophisticated and polished look, you can synchronize the length of your pergola to match your pool’s.

Lots of privacy

Yes, a pergola is a structure that relies on its openness for much of its appeal but it can do so much more than that as well. Outfitting your pergola with curtains that can be tied back when not in use gives you the ability to use it for multiple purposes. You can untie the curtains and allow them to fall into place to provide enough privacy to change your clothes or when you want to separate yourself from the crowd for a few minutes. The key here is to make sure that the curtains you choose are rated for use outdoors.

Accentuate your patio

Turn a patio that is just outside your house — yet adjacent to your pool — into a relaxing place to have a bite to eat, take a break from swimming or keep a close watch on youngsters who are in the pool. A pergola adds the perfect amount of structure and boundaries to create a cozy place to enjoy that first cup of coffee or tea before taking a refreshing dip in the pool. It also provides you with shade during those times of the day when your patio would otherwise be filled with sunshine.

Customize your pergola

Having access to the open air and breeze is just one advantage of installing a pergola. While its very design typically affords you some shade, you might need more — depending on where it is located poolside. A retractable awning gives you the best of both worlds. You can have it cover the top of your pergola when the sun beats down on you relentlessly during the hottest parts of the day. When the sun is not as brutal, slide it back and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Cook poolside

Installing a pergola that is large enough to facilitate cooking out makes it easy to enjoy pool outings all day long. Set up your favorite grill, create an appealing dining area and you have the makings of the perfect pool party. You could also install a pergola that is large enough for you to segment it into different sections — each one with a particular purpose. A cooking station could be adjacent to the dining area while a seating group might encourage more intimate chats over coffee later.

Forever Redwood provides a diverse selection of pergolas that are perfect for poolside gatherings and entertaining guests. They also make the ideal place to enjoy privacy. Contact us today to discover how we can improve your pool experience.

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