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Percherons at Stone Farm in Santa Rosa

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Percheron draft horses

There’s a wonderful article about Stuart Schroeder’s plans to create an interpretive historical farm at Stone Farm in Santa Rosa, above the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Stuart’s Percherons help us with our horse logging, and so we’re delighted to see his excellent work in the news.

With the autumn sun ebbing in the west, two Percheron draft horses pulled a 1930s-era manure spreader across farmland on a rise above the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

It was a scene that schoolchildren might one day observe at the city of Santa Rosa’s Stone Farm, the planned site of a center for visitors wishing to view the Laguna and to learn about ecology and the agricultural past….

Here at Old-Growth Again, we have two great draft horses helping us with our forest restoration work. These beautiful animals can assist with the harvesting and thinning work, without damaging the soil and standing trees, the way a big machine would do.

It’s great to see efforts underway to preserve and promote our connection to nature and to our agricultural past. It’s especially important for our children to experience “the way things were”… and still are in some quarters.

Click to learn more about Stuart Schroeder and his wonderful Percherons.

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