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Make Your Yard Look Stunning With a Redwood Garden Pergola

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Adding Redwood furniture to your yard is bound to make an impact, but what if you take it even further? Pergolas have been a part of garden architecture since as far back as the 1600s. Technically, a garden pergola is an English custom, but the first country to mention their use in literature is Italy. If you are looking to add something more than just California Redwood to your landscape, then think about a classy, and sometimes sassy, pergola.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a very distinctive type of gazebo. Most have arched roofs made from an open lattice. This allows you to add greenery onto the structure to create a natural and artistic shelter in your yard.

Since a pergola is made from wood, it fits organically into the natural design scheme of any garden. Ideally, homeowners remain eco-friendly in all things, so they pick a company that adds to the forestry instead of only taking from it.

garden pergola arched

Pergolas come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be freestanding or attach to the house. They fit right into the landscape whether you build one in the front of the property or use it to accentuate your backyard patio or garden. They cover walkways, picnic tables or decks to create a shelter that still allows just the right amount of light to shine through.

Why a Pergola?

There are many different structures you could build in your yard, so why choose a pergola? It is the flexibility that makes the pergola design stand out. A pergola uses columns on the side to support lattices or beams along the top. This allows you to place climbing plants around the Redwood and let them become part of the architecture. This way, the pergola is more than just shelter. It becomes a living structure able to:

  • Provide protection when you want to sit outside on a rainy day
  • Strategically hide something you rather people not see like an ugly shed
  • Add value to your property – what used to be a boring yard is now lavish and chic

Combine the pergola with another design asset to get even more from your garden space. For example, the Redwood pergola might cover a walk leading to a larger pavilion. You can line up similar pergolas, as well, to create a private area for a hot tub or pool with a view of the garden.

Split different pergolas up and place them strategically around the yard. A small one by the patio is perfect for hanging flowering plants. Add another by the pool for sunning and a third over a bench near the garden for those days you want to sit and enjoy the flowers.

The pergola will be the focal point of your landscape architecture – one that is as useful as it is beautiful. Whether it is an entrance to your garden or a covered seating area, a pergola adds life to a yard that was once bland. No matter how many plants you put down or how carefully you sculpture the greenery, you won’t match the elegance you achieve simply by installing a pergola.

garden pergola kit


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