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It finally rained on Valentines Day! We had to wait a few more days until the ground was saturated with moisture to make sure each of the 2,200 baby Redwoods we are planting this winter have a good chance to grow to Old-Growth Again. They are between 15 and 20 inches tall when planted, after being nursed a couple years to make sure that no child is left behind! The planting will be done in early March. We’ve now planted over 300 acres the past 5 years. Our baby trees are the pride and joy of our business. Some of our young ones are now taller than the parents that planted them. Oh, how time flies.

With the current economy, we don’t take your support for granted. Your purchases over the years are the engine that makes the forest work happen. Thank you.

To grow our forestry work in coming years, we continue to add new items to the site regularly. We’ve added several dozen in the past few months: Hall Trees, birdfeeders, bookcases, privacy screens, hallway tables, a wishing well, dressers, a bunk bed, new benches, new swings, even a monkey bar set for the kids.

To see some of the new items, please go to:

If you can’t find something, just type it in the site’s Google search bar and it will come right up. Also, to make our product line more affordable, we have added a less expensive, fourth grade of wood option for our entire line. You can now buy any item in Douglas-fir for 20% less than our least expensive Redwood grade. The Douglas-fir is a fine alternative in many cases. It comes with an 8 year decay warranty and all the construction features and dimensions are exactly the same as in our Redwood line.

To read about the Douglas-fir, please go to:

To learn more about our forestry practices, please visit:

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us we’ll get right back to you.

For the forest, from the forest,
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Restoring logged forests back to Old-Growth Again. Forever Redwood furniture sales fund the restoration.

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