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Lighthouse Garden Bench

Our Redwood Lighthouse Garden Bench is as elegant as it is subtle, and serene. This stunningly crafted, strongly built bench is just made for versatility. It’s perfect for the sauna, a waiting room, a garden, or even as a part of your living room. We let you choose the height and width to match your needs perfectly, and offer 11 different size (and price) options to pick from. We also offer optional cushions.

Lighthouse Garden Bench by Forever Redwood

Click Photos Below for pricing and options:

Price from: $620.00 to $3,200.00

When you order one of these classic Redwood Lighthouse Garden Benches, you get one of the most reliable handcrafted products available today. We double-build all of our benches to make them extra durable, and treat them, so they will withstand years or weather abuse and heavy usage. Assembly is simple, and requires practically no tools, or time in any garage or woodshop. Just snap the pieces together, and you’re ready to go!

  • Redwood Garden Bench available in 11 standard lengths for seating up to 4 people. Can be made in an L-shape or U-shape layout to define an area. Need a custom size or shape? Just let us know!
  • Use More Options below to select cushion, height/width, stain/finish, and engraving options.
  • Materials & craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime - thick timbered, finely finished Redwood that outlasts teak or cedar, stainless steel hardware and the best weather resistant sealants.
  • Quick simple assembly. All sizes ship in just 5 parts.
  • Wooden benches handcrafted from Redwood.

To get started on your order, simply fill out the fields at the top of the page and select your size dimensions. We’ll look over your order and start hand making your new bench right away, here in our Forever Redwood shop. Shipping is available all over the Continental US, and each Redwood Lighthouse Garden Bench is guaranteed to last a lifetime. We even have the warrantees to back it up! Contact us now to find out more.

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