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Redwood Office Furniture

Add a piece of real California Redwood

Change your workspace motif, and how you feel at the office with our exclusive Redwood Office Furniture from Forever Redwood. Make your office feel like home with these classically designed redwood pieces. They’re tough, bold, and look fabulous in practically any setting.

You could say this Redwood Office Furniture really “gets the job done.” Click on any of the following links to see more on what we have to offer, and customize yours to fit your office to a tee.

Explore Our Selection of Workspace / Custom Styles, Sizes, and Options

Ever wanted your own redwood Engraved Name Plate? Now you can have it, plus so much more. Check out our Redwood Conference Tables, Maynard Desks, Medicine Cabinets, and our Super Heavy Duty Workshop table to make your office complete. Every piece of furniture that we build at Forever Redwood is designed and made to order, from California's best redwood (or comparable timber). They're weather resistant, and tough to hold up for years, with little to no fading or wear with age.

Engraved Name Plates

Let the fine beauty of Redwood showcase your engraved name plate or sign.

Medicine Cabinets

Add a touch of natural wood beauty with our hand-crafted Medicine Cabinets. These durable cabinets were designed as first-aid kit cabinets for offices but can be used for just about anything.

Super Heavy Duty Workshop Table

The name Super Heavy Duty Workshop Table says it all! Available in just about any size you need.

Redwood Conference Table

How do you build a Forever Conference Table? Start with incredible quality wood. Use thick huge planks of it, finely finish it and then enjoy the natural beauty and commanding presence for the rest of your life...

Maynard Desks

The Forever Maynard Desks are for the minimalist at heart. Zero curves, zero design details, zero maintenance, just simple beauty to enjoy for decades.

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