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Ruth Wooden Bench

This meticulously styled Wood Bench with Wave Design Seat Slats not only looks great, but also it’s built tough, to handle practically anything you throw at it. The round, wavy design creates a diverse aesthetic for your outdoor furniture, and the stained redwood makes it as durable as the tree it came from. Whether you want it big or small, we’ll custom build it to suit your needs, and make sure you have this fantastic Wood Bench in your family for year.

Ruth Wooden Bench by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $1,050.00 to $4,460.00

Forever Redwood products, just like the Wood Bench with Wave Design Seat Slats, are made from reforested redwood, which means that building them does almost no damage to our forests or environment. We make every one individually to your specifications, and double-build them thick to make sure they will stand the test of time (and the elements).

  • Wooden Bench available in four sizes seating up to 5 people. 
  • Use More Options to select cushion,stain/finish, and engraving options.
  • Repeatedly told by our customers how comfortable and surprisingly sturdy it is. 
  • Curved armrests, wave design seat slats and a slightly arched backrest combine for maximum visual and seating comfort.
  • Unmatched materials & craftsmanship - thick timbered, finely finished Redwood outlasts teak or cedar. We use only stainless steel hardware, fine sanding and the best weather resistant sealant.
  • Quick assembly. Ships in less than 10 parts.
  • Wooden benches handcrafted from Redwood.

Assembly is fast and easy, as the Wood Bench ships will less than 10 parts to put together. Simply snap the pieces together and bind them with our stainless steel bolts. From the time this bench reaches your house, to the time it’s ready for use, is less than a few hours. Order online, and choose your size, price, and shipping options. Reach out and call or write to us if you need more info, or have any questions about your order.

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