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The Versailles Arbor

The Versailles Arbor is our most decorated arch entryway arbor. It is a small but transformative addition to your property that will last decades. At Forever Redwood, we offer the best natural wood arbors available on the market today. Put this beautiful arch in your garden, on your walkway, patio, in your back yard, or as the entrance to your business. Its style and functionality is unmatched.

The Versalles Arbor (Custom Options: 61.5in W x 43in D, Redwood, Transparent Premium Sealant)

Click Photos Below for pricing and options:

Price from: $2,130.00 to $7,560.00

I want a wood entry arbor I can admire for years to come. With those marching orders we set out to design and perfect a custom job. We fell in love with it and had to photograph it extensively prior to shipping it to the client! Whether you’re looking to make a statement entrance for a garden event, or simply beautify your own outdoor space, the Versailles Arbor may be your ticket.

  • Quality thick-timbered frame is stable as a stand alone garden piece or can be secured in concrete. T
  • Available in any custom size you may need.
  • Materials that last a lifetime: Thick timbered, finely finished Redwood outlasts teak or cedar. We use only stainless steel hardware and the best weather resistant sealants.
  • This wood arbor kit is easy to assemble and maintain.

Each of our custom-made Arch Arbor Kits is made to order, and customizable to any size specification you may have. The kits are simple to assemble, and made with easy to attach pieces that are both sturdy and durable. We send each kit with easy-to-assemble instructions, or can send a team to help do it for you. Contact us today to find out more!

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