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Arbor Kit Ideas That Will Make Any Wedding Special

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The traditional wedding arch represents the protective nature of home and family the couple creates with their union. Over the years, the arch has evolved from a few poles draped in cloth to an elaborate decorative centerpiece for the ceremony. After the wedding, the bride and groom often have trouble parting with this meaningful symbol of their love and dedication. Luckily, you can actually keep this symbolic centerpiece and use it to adorn your yard by using a wooden arbor kit as the framework for your wedding arch. An arbor kit made from Redwood provides endless decorative options to complement your wedding colors.

There are many different arbor kit styles to choose from for this purpose. After the wedding, you can place the arbor in your yard to act as a constant reminder of your special day. Utilize one of the three following arbor kits and decorative ideas to retain this important symbol of your union.

arched garden arbor kit

Lace Arched Backdrop

A large arched arbor placed at the end of the center aisle provides you, your spouse and the officiant with a structured place to stand while reciting the vows. The wedding party can extend out from either side of the arched arbor to beautifully frame the scene.

The sturdy corner posts and crossbars provide an excellent framework for vintage or modern lace materials. Lace features geometric shapes or flower patterns in a variety of colors. The intricate lace patterns allow the rich Redwood tones to peer through the open spaces. The California Redwood also richens the lace material’s color, especially if your color scheme includes warm tones.

After you bring your arched arbor back home, you can place up to two Redwood benches within its confines. The benches provide you and your spouse a place to gaze upon your wondrous estate and reminisce about your gorgeous wedding ceremony.

Flower Vine Screen

A two-post wood arbor acts as the framework for a flower vine screen without overwhelming minimalist décor. The straight horizontal bar on top of the dual poles provides a strong, secure attachment point for dozens of flower covered vines. The vines hang down over the opening to create a backdrop for your wedding vows while still following the traditional use of an arch.

two-post wood arbor

Select highly fragrant flower vines to fill the air with sweet scents. A light breeze will carry the flower scents across your entire wedding venue throughout the ceremony. Depending on your wedding color scheme, you can use climbing roses, wisteria, clematis or honeysuckle varieties to dress up your dual post arbor.

Utilizing an arbor constructed out of wood gathered using restoration forestry techniques reaffirms your loving connection with nature and the Earth. When combined with flowering vines, your wedding can take on an environmentally friendly theme that sets the tone for a marriage filled with love and understanding.

To make sure your two-post arbor will work in your yard after the ceremony, take advantage of the chance to customize the piece after receiving the detailed drawings by email. You can alter the dimensions or structure of the arbor to match it to your outdoor décor or fit it in your garden space.

Illuminated Threshold

A perfect centerpiece for your geometric themed wedding decorations is the entryway arbor, which features a tough rectangular frame. Additional diagonal supports at the top of the frame allow for usage of heavy decorative elements, such as heavy duty strings of outdoor lights. You can also alternate the lighting with green faux vines to give your wedding arch a natural look and feel. The Redwood’s natural wood grain pattern will prominently stand out in the light to complement the green vines.

Position the lights carefully along the top of the arbor, pointing down, to provide the perfect illumination for evening picture taking. The lights will create an artistic array of bright and shadowy elements across your entire wedding party. If you want to fit your best man and matron of honor in the threshold with your officiant, spouse and you, consider selecting the 80-inch by 72-inch model.

You will also need to make sure this structured threshold will fit in your yard by measuring the entrances and walkways on your property. If you do not want to transport the arbor whole, you can actually partially deconstruct the framework and reassemble it once you return home.

Obtaining Your Redwood Arbor Kit

Once you decide on the type of arbor you want for your wedding arch, you can send in your order to receive your kit in advance of your wedding day. You can construct the kit at home or wait until you arrive at the wedding venue and have your crew handle the task.

The arbor kits come with all hardware included, so assembly is quick and easy at any location. The process takes up to three hours and only requires a few simple hand tools. You should leave the decorating for the venue location, as delicate elements, like flowers or lace material, could break apart or fall off the frame during transport.

After the wedding ceremony, your crew can transport the arbor back to your home and set it up in its permanent location. You can plant vines around the arbor or string lights through the frame to recreate its decorated appearance at your wedding.

Since Redwood furniture resists decay, you have the ability to enjoy your arbor for decades. If you decide to move, you can pack up the arbor and use it to infuse your new home with warm memories. The durable Redwood material requires very little maintenance beyond taking care of the plants and other elements you run along the wood frame. As the finish ages, it develops a rich patina that can act as a metaphor for the constantly-evolving and growing relationship with your spouse.

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