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Two-Post Wood Arbor

An Arched Arbor Trellis Kit with two posts sounds like a mouthful, but this subtle, dynamic Forever Redwood kit can be the perfect addition to your house. Much like the classic wooden gateways of Japan, two-post Arched Arbor Trellises provide a wide space open gateway to adorn your garage, driveway, or garden.

Two-Post Wood Arbor by Forever Redwood

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Price from: $1,290.00 to $6,740.00

Our two-post Arched Arbor Trellis Kits are available in sizes ranging in 4-12 feet in length, and up to 4 feet wide. We use only the best, restoration forestry wood, and build the Trellises with notched joints, ensuring that they won’t sag, bend, or warp shape over time. We understand that not all outdoor spaces are equal, and make each of our Arched Arbor Trellis Kits customized to your specific needs.

  • Available in lengths from 4 to 12 ft and widths of up to 4 ft.
  • Your Arbor is fully erected in the shop for easy re-assembly. No drilling, sanding or cutting needed. Just put it back up and enjoy.
  • Detailed Drawings are emailed within 3 business days. You can change any detail or dimension to ensure your Arbor will work perfectly for you.
  • All joints are notched so your arbor will never sag, warp, twist, or shrink. Each timber is finely sanded to a smooth to the touch feel.
  • Every Two-Post Wood Arbor is custom built. You can choose from our standard sizes and options or if you don’t see a size or detail you’d like just let us know.
  • Materials & Craftsmanship that last a lifetime. Thick timbered, finely finished wood arbor kits outlasts teak/cedar..

At Forever Redwood, we guarantee our products to last a lifetime and offer warrantees of up to 30 years. Our products are overbuilt, meaning that they can stand up to inclement weather, as well as years of use. We can customize your specific kit based on what you choose and send it to be assembled within a matter of days. Or, if you’d like, we can assemble it for you. Give us a ring today to find out how.

Questions? - Download our Arbor Booklet, Everything you Wanted to Know about Pergolas and Arbors, for answers to frequently asked questions or please contact our Arbor Specialist. Thank you!

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