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How an Attached Redwood Arbor Kit can Perfectly Complement your Garage

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If you really want to complement your garage, and you want your home to stand out from your neighbors’ homes and get noticed, there are some ways you can create a unique, elegant look. One of those is through an attached Redwood arbor kit. These can be purchased in a kit and designed to fit the size and style you want and need to complement your home. Redwood furniture lasts a long time, too, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your arbor frequently or having it become damaged with the first rainstorm, cold winter, or dry summer. Redwood is extremely solid, and can remain beautiful with little to no maintenance for years and years.

Redwood is Beautiful and Durable

Redwood will last for many years, and with restoration forestry only trees that have already fallen are used. That way no forests are being cut down, and you can still have beautiful decoration for your garage. Replacement warranties on garage arbor kits are generally for 10 years or 20 years, depending on the exact kind of wood used. That’s good news, because you want your garage arbor to last a lifetime. If it’s a great complement to your garage, you definitely want it to be there for a long time. Whether you continue to live in the home or move at a later date, the house will continue to look beautiful.

redwood arbor kit garage

Your Garage is an Important Space

A lot of people just focus on the main house, but your garage is a very important part of your space. It can really affect how your overall home looks, so you don’t want to neglect it. No matter what color the exterior of your house is or what kind of siding you have, Redwood furniture can be an excellent way to make your house look even better.

You Can Do Great Things With an Arbor

An arbor is charming and whimsical, but it can also be solid and sturdy. With Redwood, you can get both. The wood itself is very sturdy and can easily hold up to the weather and being outdoors, but yet the design of the arbor can create a high level of charm that might not be seen with other woods or materials used to create a garage arbor. The fact that it’s attached to the garage is also very valuable, because it doesn’t run the risk of being blown over in a high wind or otherwise damaged like some freestanding arbors. Whether you want an arbor that only goes across the top, or one that has side pieces that reach the ground, you have options.

Putting Your Arbor Together

Don’t be intimidated by putting your arbor together. Your kit will have all the things you need in it, and the instructions will show you what tools you need. If you want or need someone to help you, though, you can get that assistance so your arbor looks just right and will stay sturdy and beautiful for years to come. Once the arbor is together, some people like to have plants or vines growing along it. Others prefer to leave the arbor exposed, as a fashionable part of the way their home looks. There’s no right or wrong answer, and you can get your arbor looking the right way for your taste.

Ordering Your Arbor

redwood garage arbor kit trellis

It’s very important to get your arbor from a company you can trust, and to order one that’s going to fit properly where you need it. You can get a Redwood arbor that works for a one car garage or a two car garage, and you can even choose the width you need to fit your exact garage dimensions. It’s not just about the size of the arbor, though. You also need to pay close attention to the width of the trellis you’re interested in. Some people want a very narrow trellis that doesn’t stick out from the garage much at all. Others would prefer a wider trellis, perhaps to grow vines to provide shade. The choice is up to you, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for from your attached Redwood garage arbor kit.

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