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Redwood patio pavilion kit ideas that will add some life to your garden

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If you want to bring some serious life to your garden, one of the ways you can do that is through a Redwood patio pavilion kit. These kits come in different sizes and dimensions, so you can get the size you need for the space you have. Whether you have a big property with acreage, or you have a much smaller city lot, there are pavilions that will work for you. With restoration forestry your pavilion will be made from trees that have already fallen, instead of being cut down to create something for you. That gives you beautiful, aged Redwood that will last for a very long time, but it also keeps you on the path of protecting the planet and not using up any unnecessary resources.

Why Choose Redwood Furniture?

There are some great reasons to choose Redwood furniture. For example, it’s very durable. It can last for a number of years, and you can own your pavilion for a lifetime. With a good warranty you also don’t need to worry about any replacement or repair to your pavilion, because you’ll be protected financially if you ever do have a problem with the wood or anything else that came in your kit. You can have your pavilion kit delivered right to your house, so you also don’t need to worry about picking it up and trying to transport it. Redwood is very beautiful, and it goes with just about any decor you could imagine, so it will match with everything you already have or any changes you want to make to your garden and house exterior at a later date.

How Your Pavilion Can Protect the Environment

Using Redwood that is a part of restorative forestry is a great way to give the environment some protection without making changes that you might not be comfortable with. Not everyone wants to give up a particular look they like or a specific way of doing things to adjust for any concerns they have about the environment, and with Redwood you won’t need to avoid a beautiful look for your garden over worries about whether there are environmental impacts that you might not be aware of. Because of the long life of Redwood, you’ll also be helping the environment by keeping your pavilion on a long-term basis.

redwood patio pavilion kit

What Sizes Can You Order?

You can choose the size of the pavilion you need, so it can complement the size of your garden and not overpower it or get lost in it if it’s a large space. Pavilions start at a diameter of just eight feet and go all the way to 16 feet at two-foot intervals. You can also choose whether you want a deck or would prefer not to have one, which will affect the cost and the time to complete the pavilion. However, if you want a deck at some point or you think you might want one, it can be much easier to get it when you purchase your pavilion, and have everything put together all at once. Otherwise, adding a deck later can be more difficult and expensive than it would have been to include it originally.

What if You Need Help Putting It All Together?

If you don’t want to put your pavilion together on your own or aren’t sure you can do it safely, you can have it delivered and set up, instead of just sent to your home as a kit. That way you’ll not only get beautiful Redwood furniture, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing it was put together by professionals. You can just use and enjoy your pavilion, with no worries over the construction of it and no concerns as to whether things might be loose, off-center, or any other kinds of problems that could lead to the pavilion not being level or straight, or not being solid and safe. No matter which way you decide to go with the construction of your pavilion, it’s important to know you always have options.

Timing and Financing

You can also finance your Redwood pavilion, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it all at once. With easy payments and quick delivery and set-up, you can spend plenty of time enjoying your pavilion faster than you might have thought possible. It only takes around eight hours for assembly with a helper, and if you need it assembled by a professional team it’s usually only a couple of weeks before they can get to your home and get started. Your garden will look amazing, and you’ll be able to appreciate your Redwood furniture for a very long time to come.

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