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An Easter Story by Marianne Cook

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A real life testimony we couldn’t help but share…

Sometimes, we at Forever Redwood receive correspondence that’s so satisfying, so flattering, that it’s almost embarrassing to publish. Almost. Marianne Cook loved her Serving Station so much that she qualified it as a “work of art” and sent us the whole story of how the piece came into her family’s life. It all started with a request she thought we wouldn’t notice:

I had noted in the order that I was really trying to have this piece in time for Easter when family would be here and hopefully enjoying our new backyard garden. I thought this request might fall to the wayside but it was worth a try.

We noticed, made all the arrangements to honor the requirement, and our Customer Service Team reassured her by sending her pictures of the work in progress with the clarification: “It is not finished yet, but we wanted you to see it and know it is nearing completion.” After receiving the images, Marianne had no doubts that she made the right choice by deciding to work with Forever Redwood. Her story continues:

I immediately forwarded this on to our adult sons as an example of how a company in today’s age of technology can use this technology along with a very service-minded customer service department to connect in a very personal way with their customers and create a real excitement about an impending delivery!

The time came, our team visited her and exchanged a package for a signature, but the fun didn’t stop there. In fact, it was just beginning, and now it was time to involve the whole family:

My eldest son, Justin, an engineer, was super impressed with all the thought, consideration and time spent to protect your new creation. He had fun unpacking and carefully placing the pieces out to be put together with your easy instructions. Our other son Kyle’s wife, Sara, stopped in after work and was excited to help her brother-in-law put it together. So the two had a great time re-creating this gorgeous potting bench. I had fun watching these two have so much fun and then being so proud with the finished look.

Building the Service Station

That family moment—that’s one of the reasons Forever Redwood exists. It reminds us of this wacky video you might have missed. But wait a minute, wasn’t the piece a service station? What’s this “potting bench” business? Our patio furniture can be all that and much more, and to close the story, Marianne explains exactly what will she be using it for:

So, the piece was perfect on Easter to be used as the piece I had intended, a food buffet for our new garden room.

And to really bring the point home, she predicts the future:

Thanks for creating a piece that will become our family heirloom having participated in so many wonderful family occasions yet to come!

We thank Marianne for her enthusiasm and taking the time to share her story with us. This one made us smile. If you feel inclined to share your own Forever Redwood story, don’t hesitate, we promise we’ll do our best to contain our modesty and publish it here.

NOTE: Marianne Cook is participating in our “7th Annual Photo Contest”, which offers $10,000 in Prizes. The best of luck to her and everyone who has sent pictures. It’s not too late to send yours, click for details.

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