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3 Popular Redwood Pavilion Plans to Fit Any Property or Business

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Let’s start with the basics. If you’ve decided to purchase a hand-crafted, eco-friendly redwood pavilion, you’ve made a great decision, even if you’re not sure which model you want. Redwood pavilions are some of the most iconic structures you can add to your home or business, and something that will last for decades (in many cases) without big repairs, or costly upkeep. To find the perfect set of pavilion plans that’s right for you, there are some factors you need to consider first. Price, size, style, assembly options, and environmental impact are all very important when weighing your options, and should be looked at carefully before you buy. At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to feeling good about what you want, and feeling like you’re getting an incredible product, no matter what the cost.

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Picking the perfect pavilion plans should be fun, not a chore. After all, it’s a representation of your personal tastes, your brand, or your business. To help get you started with some ideas, here are three popular redwood pavilion plans that we think will give you a good cross-section to choose from.

  1. Asian Fusion Pavilions. We absolutely love the look and feel this style of pavilion brings to the table, especially for properties with architectural styles from the far east. These pavilions draw their inspiration from the centuries-old designs of East Asia, where they served as sacred spaces, meeting points, and event venues, and continue to do so even to this day. The roof has a unique curve to it on the corner rafters that’s reminiscent of the classic Japanese pagodas, Thai salas, and Chinese pinyin. Style-wise, it’s hard to beat that. These pavilion plans are born from designs that go back almost 1,000 years, yet fit perfectly with other modern designs and newer structures. They’re thick timbered, built ecologically friendly, and are meant to sustain even the harshest conditions without wear and tear, or visible fading.
  1. Attached Pavilions. Space is a huge factor when trying to pick the perfect pavilion plans, which is what makes an attached pavilion kit ideal for so many properties. Attached pavilions act as an extension to your home or building facade that requires grounding on only one side. This allows for a whole different space dynamic, as you can easily attach it to an existing patio without taking up any extra yard space. Attached pavilions can be used to cover restaurant patios for outdoor dining, provide an elegant entrance to your front or back door, or keep rain away from the BBQ and patio furniture. They are especially great for buildings that have limited free outdoor space, but also work well on properties where you want to leave your green space untouched, but still want a quiet shaded place to take it all in.
  1. The Stoa Metal Roof Pavilion. This design is big, literally, and thanks to its size it’s also one of the most versatile pavilions on the market. Whether you use it for a place to seat a large group for an event, provide shade and shelter at the center of your garden, or create a covered walkway for the entrance to your home or business, you’re going to be thrilled with the Stoa Metal Roof Pavilion. The word “Stoa” means “a classical portico or roofed colonnade” that was often used for philosophical lectures in Ancient Greece. It was considered a place of learning, of quiet reflection, and of natural solace. Our modern-designed, redwood Stoa pavilions are built tough, with a metal roof that can handle Mother Nature’s best, and thick-timbered beams that ensure that this investment will last a generation.

Want to learn more about all of the great pavilion plans available from Forever Redwood? Check out our website, and browse through our customizable options in the sidebar tabs. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out to us here via the web, or give us a call at (866) 332-2403.

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