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Five Popular Stories from Forever Redwood’s Facebook Page

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Did you know Forever Redwood is on Facebook? We’ve kickstarted our social media presence to include not only photos and info on our beautiful Forever Redwood products, but also enagaging news articles and videos on the environment, alternative energy, sustainability, and more. Here is a sample of some of the cool stuff we’ve recently shared on our Facebook page:

1. We love what the villagers of Pilantri are doing to protect their girls and their environment:

This Amazing Village in India Plants 111 Trees Every Time a Little Girl is Born

“Over the course of the past six years, a quarter of a million trees have been planted in Piplantri. Villagers credit the harmony that this tradition has brought to their community with the dramatic drop in crime. Not to mention their renewed adoration of little girls.”

2. This article we recently shared shows the positive impact sustainable energy has on the economy:

U.S. Solar Created More Jobs Than Oil And Gas Extraction

“Over the last year, the solar industry added jobs twelve times faster than the rest of the economy, even more than the jobs created by the oil and gas extraction and pipeline sectors combined […] “It’s incredible,” SolarCity CEO and co-founder Lyndon Rive told ThinkProgress. “The industry employs over 200 thousand people — more than the coal industry.”

3. We found a fascinating interview with the indomitable Jane Goddall at the Paris Climate Summit:

Jane Goddall at COP21: “I’m here to save the rainforests” from Intensive Farming, Corruption

“‘As we cut [the rainforests] down and burn them, that CO2 is released back from the trees, the leaves and also from the forest soils. And about 50 percent of our tropical rainforests have already gone. They’re going at a tremendously fast rate. And even when they are protected in many countries, because of corruption, the power of the corporations, the worship of money and profit, the protection isn’t always saving the forest.’”

4. We’d like to see more efforts like this in our own communities:

Germany opens the first 3 miles of a 60-mile bicycle superhighway

““Germany’s bicycle highway is just getting started. The existing three-mile stretch will be expanded to provide over 60 miles of car-free bike travel. The bicycle highway is intended mostly as a benefit to commuting cyclists, so the route will connect 10 western cities including Duisburg, Bochum, and Hamm as well as four universities. Disused railroad tracks will be transformed into wide bike-only roadways in the Ruhr industrial region, making the most of existing infrastructure.”

5. We shared a great page that explains the kind of forestry that Forever Redwood Practices:

Critical Thinking: The Need for Restoration Forestry

“Restoration forestry is the concept of restoring modern forests to health using history as a guide. Restoration forestry provides a blueprint to return our public forests, especially national forests, to a more natural, healthy, and fire resistant condition.”

Those are just a few of the resources we’re sharing on our Facebook page. If you’re interested in Forever Redwood’s mission of ecological responsibility, give us a “Like” on Facebook, comment, and share posts with your friends! We love hearing from our customers and fans. Not on Facebook? Check us out on Pinterest too!

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