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Forever Redwood and Environment

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The following is an email exchange with our client Mr. Sidavong on our commitment to the environment:

From Mr. Sidavong to Raul Hernandez:

Hi Raul…I was just reading up on your website and saw the video. And the more I learn about your business the more I’m proud I made the right choice doing business with you. I’m very proactive about my environment around me. I feel that EVERYONE should be the same way. Our kids future depends on the generation today and what we teach them about our environment. So with that being said I will consider buying more furniture from Forever Redwood. Thank for what you do!!

From Raul Hernandez to Mr. Sidavong:

Hi Mr. Sidavong,

Thanks taking the time to say that. The forest is what I think about all day long. Wish we could do more, but it takes a lot of money to buy and restore forestlands. We will do a great job for you and yes, please litter your yard with our stuff!!

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