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Inquiry of Rory’s Giant Playground Finish

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3 little ladies standing on the Rory’s Giant Playground Swing

The following is an email exchange with our client Michael B

From Michael B. to Raul Hernandez:


We would like to re-stain our RORY’S GIANT PLAYGROUND. Do you sell the finishing stain that made it looks so good when we purchased it? ie: The photo first in line of the little photos of the three girls, standing on the swings looking back at the camera-:) Our three girls. Any discount for using that pic for these many years–:)? Just asking, ha. LOVE the pic by they way if I do say so myself!

GREAT swing set too—just a great part of the growing up years.


Michael & Sandy B.

From Raul Hernandez to Michael B.:

Hi Michael,

Good to hear from you. Yes, your picture adds a lot to the Rory’s page. It is my favorite photo in all of our swing section.

To get the swing looking new, you will need an orbital sander. They are less than $50. A couple packs of sandpaper – one 80 grit and one either 150 or 220 grit.

Sand the swing at 80 grit. Will take a few hours to get a lot of the grime and old sealant off. No need to do it 100% everywhere. Just do the most visible spots a bit more thoroughly and the less visible spots lightly. Then go over all the sanding again with the 150 or 220 fine sandpaper. This part goes a lot faster. Should be able to smooth out any sanding lines left by the rougher sanding in an hour or so.

For all our wood grades, we use what we believe to be the best wood outdoor sealant on the market. It is a penetrating oil finish that applied correctly should give you at least a 3 year finish in almost any year round weather. After thorough fine sanding, we apply one coat of the Sikkens Proluxe Cetol 1 RE Exterior Stain, 077 Cedar and allow up to 24 hours for drying and curing. Then we handrub with a rag Sikkens Proluxe Cetol 23 Plus RE Exterior Topcoat, 077 Cedar as the second coat and allow it to also dry and cure for 24 hours for optimum results. Another coat of the Proluxe Cetol 23 is then handrubbed for the third and final coat. The rag used to apply the finish is an extreme fire hazard and should always be burned and never stored. You can purchase the finishes online at:

The slight semi-transparent yellow hues bring out the browns in the Redwood.

The first coat will take the longest. Rub it in with a rag. Where gloves. Let it sit 4 hours to cure. Second coat will take less than half the time of the first coat. It is adding depth and filling in areas that drank up all the sealant on coat 1. Allow 4 hours to cure again. Then do a third coat. Will take even less time than the second coat but will bring out the depth of the satin finish and will seal up any areas that still drank up the sealant after 2 coats to give you an even finish.

Make sure to do the sealing on a dry warm day for the best clearest finish. Rub in the finish and do not leave any streaks or drops. I like to do it by adding a bit to the can lid and using that supply until it dries up and repeating. If you dip the end of the rag into the gallon it will drip everywhere.

Sikkens is the best product on the market. Do not use anything other than this if you want it to look just like it did in year 1.

Have fun. I love refinishing my stuff. Will look brand new and you should only use about 1/3rd of the gallon. Keep the lid on it tight and it will be fine to use again in 2 to 3 years.

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