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Shower benches – Lovely

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The following is an exchange of emails with customer Carol White about her shower bench that she just received and was very happy with it and sent this photo too!:


From Carol White to Raul Hernandez

Comment: I am looking for a shower bench/stool. Will be used in bathroom not shower. Would like 18 1/2 – 24″ bench length, 16-17″ bench seat depth, 21 1/2″ high.

Redwood. I was wondering if you have any stock pieces on hand which are similar in size. if not, how long would it take to make one and ship it to CT? Pricing, too please. Thank you


From Raul Hernandez to Carol White

Good Morning Carol,

Thank you for your email. We have 5 shower bench designs to choose from. In the size you like, pricing is between $290 and $500 depending on the design you choose and the wood grade.

We can build any of them for you within a week and ship it out.

Please take a moment and let us know which one you would like and the exact length that would work best for you between 18 1/2″ and 24″. If you have no preference within those ranges, we can just build it to the larger size.

All of our designs are built to last decades in any moist environment. Let us know which of the designs you like most and we can build it out of the least expensive wood grade to save you money (our recommendation…).

If you want to review the wood grades for color, the link is:

Thank you.

From Carol White to Raul Hernandez

Hello Raul,

I received the bench – it’s lovely. Even the staff who assembled it thought it was very nice.
I am working on photos – unfortunately, I lent my good camera to a friend – so, I am working with my phone.

I will send you some shots once I have something I think is ok.

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