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Small Pergola Kits that will make your backyard look like new

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Restructuring your backyard can improve its aesthetics and transform it into a place for relaxing and entertaining. You can use small pergola kits to create small niches for your favorite backyard activities, including reading, napping and talking with friends or family.

Beyond carving out a personalized area in your backyard, pergola kits also give your overall landscaping design much needed height and depth. You can grow your favorite plants vertically along the corner posts and extend them across the horizontal top to create a cascade of color and beauty. You could also cover the pergola in outdoor lights to make your property accessible and enjoyable well into the evening hours.

small pergola kits

Pergolas come with arched or flat tops to complement or contrast the geometric shapes used throughout your backyard. You can even obtain pergolas with attached bench swings or lattice covers for improved utility and aesthetics. With so many pergola designs available, you can use your imagination to find the perfect placement for one, or several, in your yard.

Flowering Vine Entryway

If you love to entertain in your backyard, you may want to welcome your guests in style with a flowering vine entryway. The color and scent of fragrant flowers helps set the mood for your backyard entertainment activities. You can train the vines to wrap themselves around the posts for a natural look. The winding appearance of the plants often acts as an interesting conversation starter that immediately lightens the mood.

Poolside Rest Area

Place a pergola or two next to your pool for a shady place to read a book or nap after you finish swimming. You can have ceiling fans or privacy screens installed on the pergola to ensure you stay comfortable and secure while resting within the confines of the structure. Even the smallest pergola kits can fit a gravity lounge chair or two beneath the protective lattice. If you want to keep the handcrafted wood theme going, you could use Redwood furniture, such as lounge chairs, instead of commercially purchased items.

Covered Walkway

Create a romantic walkway by covering long, straight garden paths with multiple small pergola kits. You can use a mix of outdoor lighting and fruit-producing vines to enclose the top and sides of the pergola. If you prefer to keep your pathways dry during the rainy season, consider investing in a louver system for the upper portion of the pergolas. Although this option uses extra lumber, you can rest assured it does not negatively impact the environment due to the restoration forestry practices used for harvesting the wood materials.

Decorative Swing Bench

While perched on a swinging garden bench, you can view your backyard oasis from a brand new perspective. A pergola acts as a perfect sturdy, decorative frame for a swinging bench. You can alter the roof style to further personalize the pergola framework to your unique personality and outdoor décor. If you want several members of your family to have the ability to swing together, select a pergola with extra thick timbers for even more support.

small pergola kits

Renewing Your Backyard With Small Pergola Kits

The pergola assembly process requires at least two people and takes up to a full day to complete, so it is the perfect project for bonding with family or friends. All of the kits are tested before shipping to make sure the components fit together perfectly and operate as intended. If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can request assembly assistance from a qualified team of contractors who are familiar with the pergola kits.

Make sure to identify the perfect location for the pergola to suit your exact activity and relaxation specifications. You can easily anchor the corner studs into the ground for permanent placement or leave the sturdy posts unattached to maintain a versatile landscape layout. Make sure adjacent structures and plants highlight the rich yellow and red tones of the Redwood materials used for the pergolas.

Redwood lumber perfectly suits the purpose of small pergola kits. The lumber naturally resists insect damage and weathering to keep decay at bay for decades. The lumber’s beautiful grain pattern tends to continually improve as a light silver patina covers the upper surface. If you prefer to maintain the rich California Redwood tones, you can refinish the pergola by sanding away the top layer of wood and reapplying several coats of clear wood sealer.


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