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Spruce up your dining room with a handcrafted redwood table

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A handcrafted California Redwood table can dramatically dress up your home and provide a place for your family to gather to enjoy each other’s company. The table acts as a meeting place for families to share their experiences and reconnect after a long day. The sturdy Redwood materials easily stand up to the test of time by retaining the table’s gorgeous finish and excellent structure.

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Since the tables are constructed out of lumber gathered using restoration forestry techniques, their presence does not detract from the environment’s health or beauty. Instead, the table can reinforce your dedication to maintaining an environmentally friendly stance while filling your home with high quality furniture pieces.

You will need to determine the best table configuration for your needs before committing to the purchase. There are an incredible number of table shapes, sizes and seating arrangements, so a careful look at your current and future family arrangements are warranted. The three following table options may work perfectly in your home.

Natural Trestle

The elegant trestle table design has been repeatedly refined since its inception in the Middle Ages. Until the 16th century, the tabletop and legs remained separate entities to allow for storage of the table when not in use. The table works well with half and full length benches made with the same trestle supports to create a perfectly matched set. The gently sloped table and bench legs mimic the look of live edge furniture without the rough, exposed bark.

You can select extended Redwood lumber or smaller piecework patterns for the tabletop. Since the wood grain grades vary in color, from dark red to light amber, you can obtain a tabletop in a variety of tones to suit your dining room décor.

Picnic Style

A picnic style table for your dining room gives your home an air of whimsy without sacrificing on furniture quality or style. Picnic table shapes range from circle and octagons to squares and rectangles in a wide variety of sizes. For large families, a 14-foot table with split benches allows everyone to gather together for meals, crafts and homework.

kids sitting at san francisco patio table

Since the tables come as a kit, you could even fit an attached bench picnic table in your dining room without worry. When it comes time to move, just disassemble the supports to fit all of the pieces back through the doorways. If you live in a home with an open floor plan, you may enjoy utilizing a wheeled table that easily moves between the kitchen and dining room. You can have the top designed with intricate patterns for an inlaid appearance or matching planks to appear as a solid piece.

Extended Planks

Homes with limited space in the dining room may benefit from the use of folding tables and chairs or benches. The strong, durable Redwood lumber gives these highly versatile pieces a sense of permanency. A solid locking mechanism keeps the legs extended for incredible stability even with heavy usage or frequent movement.

folding table and chairs

Each table is made from small planks that keep the components lightweight without detracting from their appearance. The tables fold down to just five inches in height to fit in the closet or attic when not in use. The small planks allow for the creation of decorative patterns by arranging the Redwood in various directions. Combining heartwood and sapwood gives the builders the ability to create beautiful color schemes, including gradient designs.

Ordering Your Handcrafted Redwood Table Design

Once you narrow down your Redwood furniture selection, you can order your table and benches or chairs for delivery to your home. Many of the available designs allow for additional customization in terms of size or shape, so don’t be afraid to ask if you fall in love with a particular set that doesn’t quite fit your needs. You can order many of the Redwood tables with or without the shown benches and chairs.

The table will arrive with the top in one piece and legs separate. You will need to bolt the legs onto the tabletop using the supplied stainless steel hardware. Since Redwood furniture is built to last up to 40 years in outdoor conditions, your selected table and seats will surely last a lifetime inside your dining room.

Exposure to UV rays through your windows may give the set a silver patina across the surface. Redwood lumber is highly resistant to decay, so you can rest assured the patina is not a result of damage to the wood’s structure. If the patina develops, and you want to restore the rich red tones of the lumber, you can actually refinish each piece yourself.

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