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Tree Planting

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Jeanne Hughes says:

I loved hearing about your experience planting the redwoods. I am so happy to support a company like yours dedicated to reforestation of redwood trees. Especially in light of the California drought, it is great hearing about your planting success in spite of this. I have a hill here in Co…just 1/4 acre but it is not irrigated by drip system or other. I planted pinyon pines, bristle cone pines, limber pines, ponderosa pine,and some others. The deer have nibbled and some are growing back. I planted maybe 130 and maybe have 60 still growing . I know what you have been through on a much smaller scale. I would like to be on your tree planting email list to come help out perhaps. Let me know when you need volunteers. I grew up in Menlo Park and Redwood City, I have always loved and respected the Redwood trees.

Raul Hernandez say:

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for your email and for your work on your 1/4 acre. We all have to help reverse the degradation of the last few centuries slowly and I remain optimistic that it will happen.

Its cold and wet in January during tree planting time. We do not do much organizing anymore. It is just a few hardcore supporters that come out each year. We will be planting 4 ft tall trees this January.

Please email me again in early January and we’ll let you know the 2 weekends we will be working on it this year. Only planning to plan 5 acres this winter…

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