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Hi Raul,

Hope you are doing well, and I know I owe you a photo of our new winged bench, which, as I said before, we love, but I am waiting until I get things more decorated for the holidays, and the deck that it is sitting on cleaned up of all the leaves, etc.!

Well, I think we would like to take advantage of your 25 percent off sale with ordering a new table, but I need your opinion on a few things. Not sure if I mentioned we added a wood-fired pizza oven a couple months ago to our wine garden area where we have most of your furniture located. For the holidays, in particular for our big Annual Open House Christmas Party that we always have the Sunday before Christmas, we are having my two oldest nephews come out from Denver to be pizza chefs for the day, along with the rest of the food we serve. Phil has created a temporary prep table just for the party, using plywood and metal tubing that will sit alongside the oven so the boys can make the pizzas. I suggested then ordering a permanent table from you, taking advantage of this sale. We went on your site and checked out the cocktail tables, since this table needs to be tall. We liked both the Terrace Cocktail Table and the San Francisco Cocktail Table, wanting measurements of 66″ long, 32″ wide and 42″ tall. The table needs to be very sturdy since we will be rolling dough, etc. Phil wanted to know if either of these tables could have legs that fold up for storage or some how break down so we can store the table flat when not in use. We do have room to store it whole if this cannot work. The main thing is this table needs to be very sturdy, so we thought that maybe the Terrace table might be a better option just because it does have the cross bars near the bottom of the legs. Would love your opinion on this so we could place an order, and would do it out of the mosaic to match what we have with the rest of your pieces, along with a solid top instead of the slatted that is normally done for outside. Also like square corners.

Thanks, Raul!


Good Morning Marti.

Good to hear from you. Sounds like the patio area is getting more and more enjoyable and useable. The only problem with the Pizza Oven reported by other customers is you are now in danger of gaining a couple dozen pounds!

The San Francisco Cocktail table is the sturdier of the two. But, in order to put it away when not in use, you will need to take out a ratchet and take off the 2 bolts per leg. The 4 legs will come off very easily and you can then store it with minimal space used up.

If you are going to be working on the tabletop itself, you can go with a seamless tabletop design so there is no space between the boards and you have one complete unbroken plane to work on. The only drawback of the seamless tabletop is that you really cannot leave the tabletop out in the weather because the wood cannot expand when it rains. But, it will be fine to be out for a day or two at a time. If you may be leaving it out for stretches of time, then go with the standard tabletop design.

I will be at my desk from 9 to 3 pm today at 619 376 2099 if you prefer to call in and discuss the order.

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