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Pergola Assembly Process

We recently designed and built this lovely Pergola for a gentleman in Malibu, CA. We took our time and made several changes to come up with a lovely new space aside the pool where before there was only dirt. We did the concrete anchors and the installation and all lived happily ever after. Put this Pergola Assembly Process

Pergola’s Randy & Florence W.

Randy & Florence W.: Hi Raul, Here are a few pics of our new pergola. Thanks for a beautiful product. Raul Hernandez: Thank you! You made my morning. I love the oversized patio with the pergola centered. Looks fabulous. Nice private yard too. Glad it all worked out. Appreciate very much your taking the time Pergola’s Randy & Florence W.

Loved Your Video

The following is an email exchange between Ashley Fleschner from Fleschner Constructions and Raul Hernandez Forever Redwood CEO: Ashley, This is Raul Hernandez, CEO of Forever Redwood. I saw that you signed up to download our free eBook, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pergolas and Pavilions.” I just wanted to take a moment Loved Your Video

Quality Control Experts!

Our quality and safety inspectors take their job very seriously! As you can see in the photo below, our quality control inspectors are dedicated highly trained professionals and nothing ever gets past their eagle eyes! Thank you, Raul Hernandez, CEO P.S.: Yes, my kids are a bit too young for that much responsibility, but hopefully, Quality Control Experts!

Letter of Appreciation

Hi Raul, Well I am not going to say too much. I have attached a rough draft of the letter of appreciation and a photo. I also emailed Jesus so that I can put the final draft on

We can build Pergolas almost any size

We can build Pergolas almost any size. Here we show an arched pergola spanning over 33′ being assembled for a Southern California installation coming up next week…

Shop Employees, September 2014…

We manufacture most of Forever Redwood’s products in Ensenada, Baja California. This photos shows most of the members of our manufacturing facility taken in September 2014. We have grown over the years as a consequence of the loyalty many of our customers have shown us. I want to say thank you to the nearly 10,000 Shop Employees, September 2014…

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