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Forever Redwood and Environment

The following is an email exchange with our client Mr. Sidavong on our commitment to the environment: From Mr. Sidavong to Raul Hernandez: Hi Raul…I was just reading up on your website and saw the video. And the more I learn about your business the more I’m proud I made the right choice doing business Forever Redwood and Environment

Shower benches – Lovely

The following is an exchange of emails with customer Carol White about her shower bench that she just received and was very happy with it and sent this photo too!: From Carol White to Raul Hernandez Comment: I am looking for a shower bench/stool. Will be used in bathroom not shower. Would like 18 1/2 Shower benches – Lovely

Another Happy Customer

The guys showed up right before 1:00 and did a great job today. We love the pergola and are totally happy with the result. Happy to be a reference. Best regards, Paul Remer San Rafael, California

A Happy Customer

The email exchange below was between our happy customer Terri Stewart and Raul Hernandez, our CEO, about her photos of her beautiful Ruth Rocking Bench Terri: Raul, Just so you know there are tears running down my cheeks. This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!!! There is something missing from the picture (YOU and your staff !!!) A Happy Customer

Our 20th year

Dear Marco, Technology is evolving rapidly. Yet, in most ways, Forever Redwood remains in the 19th Century. We manage forestlands and make furniture by hand using only timbers from our own forests. Yes, it is quaint that we do not use pressed sawdust or pressure treated lumber or plastics or any technological anything – just Our 20th year


Our new Youtube Channel is now open. Come visit us and see all the videos we have collected through our almost 20 years of history. From an introduction to our restoration forestry to the Redwood bench that President Obama gifted Chinese President Jinping and a funny video of how to assemble a table courtesy of YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Redwood Crate Projects

Wow. Got this email today from someone that made a whole set of fencing, planters, a small entryway arch and other things just from the crating we sent for a large order recently. Our crating is mostly made from scraps of Redwood and Douglas-Fir so it is also long lasting. Don’t throw away the crating! Redwood Crate Projects

Presidential Bench

Obama, China’s Xi agree to work together In late May, we received a phone call from the Office of Protocol at the U.S. State Department. To make a long story short, for symbolic reasons (Redwood only grows natively in the U.S. and in China), we were chosen to build a custom bench for President Obama Presidential Bench

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